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John C. Carr, LICSW, is a licensed independent clinical social worker based in Boston Ma. He specializes in working with expectant and new parents and fathers, twenty- and thirty-somethings and people needing anger management. He is a parent educator and author of “Becoming a Dad: The First Three Years,” which has sold more than 40,000 copies and is part of the Great Expectations Series from Sterling Publishing. John is also an adjunct professor at Boston College’s Lynch School of Education’s Mental Health Counseling Department.  John lives in the suburbs of Boston with his wife and three children.


Parenting and Fathering

Although John had conducted programs for parents in a variety of settings throughout the 1990s, his professional interest in fatherhood became more personal when he and his wife had their first child in 2001. At the time, John was in a psychoanalytic training program where he found that the literature rarely mentioned the importance of a father’s presence in early childhood development, in addition to the later years. This gap in the literature extends to how fathers are perceived and experienced, as non-essential and parenthetical.  It is strikingly different for mothers; mothers tend to mother in community while fathers tend to father in isolation.  This lack of support and integration inspires John in his writing and in his clinical work. His passion is in providing safe opportunities for fathers to get the emotional and practical support they deserve and need.  

John counsels fathers individually and in groups.  Both forums help fathers come out of isolation and connect with themselves and other men. When fathers tell their stories they realize they are not alone, they make sense of their parental role and they see the impact their own fathers had on how they parent. Through this process dads discover new ways to parent and in some cases break a cycle of abuse, neglect or emotional detachment.

Finally, John’s personal experience as a father of three has both humbled and expanded his compassion for what it means to be a solid dad.  John works hard at trying to balance the demands of family, work and personal needs.

20’s and 30’s Somethings

John’s interest in working with twenty- and thirty-somethings  was born from his own growth in that period of his life.  He sees many people in this age group, and helps them figure out their own place in the world and answer big questions like: Who am I? What do I want? How do I get it?

People transitioning into adulthood need a place to process these questions as they come to understand themselves and the world.  This group tends to be on the cusp of big life decisions around marriage, work and overall life goals, while at the same time trying to assert their sense of independence.  While John will see these people for individual sessions he also finds group therapy a great forum for self discovery.  As a 40-something himself, John has come out on the other side and has a real heart for the opportunities and challenges this group faces.

Anger and Stress Management

John has worked extensively with clients needing help with anger/stress management. He has been trained and mentored by Dr. Richard Pfeiffer, MDiv, PhD, the founding director of Growth Central LLC. John and Dr. Pfeiffer worked together conducting workshops and seminars for hospital staff and healthcare providers in anger/stress management. It was here John learned the critical role of shame in the expression of anger.  In his practice, John uses Dr. Pfeiffer’s Real Solution Anger Management Workbook, which helps people reduce their levels of anger in provocative situations.  Participants learn what their trigger thoughts are and discover ways to respond productively versus react destructively.  John will typically work with someone for 12 consecutive weeks using the workbook as a guide, but can also work with someone on an ongoing basis when appropriate.  John has come to believe that many angry reactions are grounded in a need to protect something very precious to oneself.


Education and Experience

John received his B.A. in Psychology from Ohio Wesleyan University in 1989. He worked as a mental health worker on an inpatient psychiatric unit for seven years at NY Hospital Cornell Medical Center in White Plains NY. This invaluable experience convinced him to get a Master’s degree in Social Work. He graduated from Hunter College School of Social Work n NYC in 1998 with a major in group work. He is indebted to that program for launching his academic studies in mental health.

He began his post-master’s career at Steinway Child and Family Services in Astoria Queens, in the late 90’s, where John implemented the “Parenting Journey” curriculum to rave reviews. Soon thereafter he received the organization’s Social Worker of the Year award for his work with parents. John decided to get additional in-depth clinical training, enrolling in a three-year certificate program in Psychotherapy and Spirituality from the Blanton-Peale Institute in NYC. He joined the Blanton-Peale staff as a resident psychotherapist until he opened his private practice in 2002. Since 2002, John has been in private practice in Greenwich Village. He has written and been trained in a few parenting curricula. He was first trained in 1998 in “The Parenting Journey” Curriculum and in 2004 in the “All Men Are Sons” Curriculum and has written two curricula, one for teens and parents entitled “Bridging the Gap: Exploring Ways to Improve Communication Between Parent and Teen” and “M.O.M.S.: Mothers Offering Mutual Support“- designed to help single mothers parent more effectively.

John received a certificate in Parent Education and Parent Guidance from Adelphi University’s The Institute for Parenting. This training program is grounded in Attachment Theory and Parent/Child Mental Health. 

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