Approach: Values and Beliefs

My post masters training focused on integrating psychoanalytically oriented theories and approaches with the spiritual experience.  My approach is collaborative, eclectic and integrative. I do my best to let your process unfold. Sometimes this means getting out of your way, sometimes this means getting in the way — I believe this is the art of being a good therapist.

It’s important that my clients feel understood by me. It’s my goal to create a non-judgmental place for you to better understand yourself so that you can make the necessary changes in your life. For this reason I listen actively, help make connections and speak honestly and kindly about what I hear.

I Value…

Both/And Thinking

Many people feel that things have to be either/or. I disagree. I invite people to wonder about both/and as opposed to one or the other.

Containers and Openings

Containers are critical in our boundary-less society.

Openings, possibilities and clearings create new life.

Healthy Aggression and Reflection

Using your body aggressively can come in the form of sports and exercise; this coupled with moments of reflection and meditation creates a balanced life.

Tenderness and Firmness

Particularly when it come to parenting, I value tenderness with feeling and firmness around behavior.

Spontaneity and Careful Planning

I  think it’s important to wonder, meander and have a clear sense of where you are going.

The Masculine and the Feminine

The best of us happens when we embody both and integrate opposites.

I Believe…

  • in the unconscious and its influence on choices and actions we make.
  • that we need to take the time to understand our own stories.
  • that our parents have a profound impact on how we parent
  • that life moves fast and that it’s essential to slow down and process thoughts, feelings, behaviors.
  • in taking a curious stance toward ourselves and the world around us.
  • that mothers tend to mother in community and fathers tend to father in isolation
  • people need to be seen, heard and responded to.
  • a good therapist allows you the space and time needed to unfold.